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Data Cleansing

With changes in business information happening by the second, updated data is an integral part of quality. Almost a third of annual sales and marketing budget is spent on nothing but dead information. Most businesses have huge databases but they do not have the techniques to keep them fresh and updated, resulting in low value. Span Global Services uses data quality tools, techniques and technology for verification.

What is Data Cleansing exactly?

Data cleansing, is that the overall process of accurate detection and correction (or removal) of corrupt or inaccurate records from a data set, table, or information database. Used chiefly in data warehouses, the term Data Cleansing refers to characteristic unstructured, incorrect, defective, irrelevant, etc. components of the information and corresponding substitution, modifying, or deleting this dirty information or coarse information. In the business world, incorrect knowledge is often pricey. Several firms use client data knowledge bases that record data like contact data, addresses, and other preferences. For example, if the addresses are inconsistent, the corporate can suffer the value of resending mail or maybe losing customers

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Some of the main reasons why data cleaning plays a vital role

Our Data Cleansing Technique?

Almost every activity requires a correction mechanism to minimize losses. Adzed’s advanced data cleansing process includes accurate detection and removal of corrupt or incorrect records from a database. We employ a comprehensive data cleansing process which consists of auditing, workflow specification, execution, post processing and controlling to ascertain data quality.

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