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Adzed provides helps toward political parties and organizations via “Demographic” details. Very few digital agencies can provide insight into social media profile like we do. We are ready for all challenges.

AdZed helps political parties and organizations enhance their voting files and contact lists by retrieving social media data for consumer and personal habits which allows targeted marketing for campaigns and fundraisers. In the marketing world, these attributes are known as, “Demographic” details and are the most important and valuable data points you can know about an individual. They allow you to know their buying habits, financial status and exactly how to target them for sales and marketing campaigns. The missing piece up till now has been the social media component to sales. We can state as a fact that very few digital agencies can provide insight into social media profile let alone associating a username or handle to a consumer record. Most clients spend months contacting data.

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How do we get wired into something new in the data enrichment world? If you haven’t guessed that we are on our way to the social enrichment and mobile id mapping then you are like many of our clients prior to having AdZed on their staff. Business owners sit in their offices looking for the next big idea is going to be. It is here, so let’s make sure we are both rich five years from now. 


Know Exactly What Voters Want


Attract And Win Over More Voters


Tailor Your Story To Million Voters

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