ZigaForm version 5.5.1

Available Data

16 Million

Million Biz-op / Work at Home Consumer file

5 Million

Male Enhancement interest with email

20 Million

On-Star Subscription file with AUTO VINS

28 Million

Satellite Subscription file with AUTO VINS

34 Million

Unique Phone number AUTO VIN File

48 Million

Unique Postal AUTO VIN File (No Phone numbers)

2.5 Million

Health Insurance Opt-In file

4 Million

Mortgage Feed Email file

5 Million

Auto Warranty File

5 Million

Consumer email file CHINA

4 Million

Home Solar Interest

43 Million

Linked-IN B2B file with Email

44 Million

AOL.com email file

3 Million

Diabetic Database with email

71.5 Million

Voter file with Age/ No emails

1 Million

Yacht/Luxury boat owners

11 Million

International Domain Registrants with Email

270 Million

Hardbounce file

33 Million

Professional License file (3 Million with email)

8.7 Million

Voters with Cell Phone (no email)

200 Million

B2C Consumer Opt-In File w/ email

30 Million

2019 B2C Consumer Opt-In file w/email

45 Million

Domain Owners/Registrants USA and International

47.5 Million

2018 Mobile Phone Number List

4 Million

Australia B2C with Opt-In emails

16 Million

Smokers file with emails

244 Million

consumer file with over 400 demos

316 Million

consumer file w over 75 page data dictionary

11 Million

Canadian cell phone file

25 Million

consumer file no email

4 Million

Canadian consumer email file

200 Million

ailment file
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